In Your Dreams - 2006 to 2010

Dreams:     - a train of thought and images experienced during sleep, a vision, something only imaginary, a distant hope or ideal.
Chambers Dictionary

Like many great projects, this one began with a dream.  The dream was to encourage artists from different places to come together to individually create an artwork for a joint show, and in the process to enable interaction between the artists, leading to opportunities for them to show their work internationally and to learn and develop through the experience.  In so doing this will then allow gallery patrons in many venues in three countries to see and learn from the artists' works.

The Brief

The artists selected for In Your Dreams were given several things to consider when developing their work.

The task was to explore the theme: - In Your Dreams.

They were all given the brief to produce a new artwork that would fit into a small traveling box.  The work could sit snugly inside the box, or extend from it. The work could hang on the wall sit on a plinth, or suspend from the ceiling.

The artists come from greatly differing art disciplines, encompassing painting, print-making, sculpture, jewellery and textiles. The artists have the freedom to work in any media encumbered only by the customs restrictions placed on works traveling overseas.

The Protagonists

Thirty artists from Australia and Canada and Germany were invited to participate in this interesting artist initiative.

Helen Sanderson curated the Australian component of the exhibition, while Karen Cornelius was invited to curate the Canadian component of the exhibition, and Lene Rose Gruner curated the German component.

The exhibition was in Canada in 2006, and exhibited first in Brandon in south western Manitoba and opened in Winnipeg on August 24 2006.

The exhibition has been touring Germany in 2007, and embarked on its Australian tour to selected venues around Australia in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

An Artistic and Cultural Exchange

In Your Dreams is an artistic and cultural exchange that fosters mutual understanding and respect for individuals and their cultural groups.  Given the opportunity to explore unfamiliar cultures, artists can be inspired to look at the world in entirely new ways, and their own culture in a new light. The exchange of cultural influence and creative ideas offers an artist the opportunity for tremendous growth.

In a rapidly changing world, it is important to cultivate mutual understanding and respect for every person and for all of our differing cultural experiences.  Creative collaboration that allows for cross-cultural exposure and interaction develops a collective vision that expands individual perspectives.  Art then becomes a bridge between people and cultures as it creates a deeper understanding and respect and promotes peace.

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