Artists Statement

My work for this Exhibition is entitled "River of Sleep".  It could well be sub-titled, confessions of an insomniac, though, ironically the initial idea for it, came to me in a dream. Trudging through a forest, my dog at my side, I came to the river of sleep, a boat pushed up on its sandy beach. By the time I had loaded the craft with all my bags and bundles it was impossible to push it into the water. I lit a fire and burned most of my possessions, then floated away on the waters of sleep. Like much of my work, the visual manifestation is developing from a poem which forms part of the finished piece.

There is no pocket referdex
map, chart or G.P.S.
to surely find
the river of sleep

Yearned for
the river of sleep
cool, nurturing waters
to float feather light
or sink beneath its skin
to rest in dim greenness

the river of sleep
at the dark of moon
lapping the doorstep
when the moon is lunar bright

the river of sleep
the well trodden path
to caressing water
leads to whirlwinds of dust
in a dry ravine

the river of sleep
still pools found at last
swirl into
spiralling votices,
distorted memories of loss

the river of sleep
approach it bearing gifts
it flows by indifferent
plunge in naked, impetuous
there may be no return

the river of sleep
dark twin to consciousness
peopled by monsters and angels
desired and feared
a daily inevitability

but there are rituals
woven vessels of frail twigs
to safely navigate
the river of sleep









Description of Work





Mixed media (painting, cast paper).  Cardboard, cloth, acrylic paint, gesso and handmade paper.

Closed:  30.5cm x 24cm x 5.2cm
                (12in x 10in x 6in)

Open:     157cm x 24cm x 24cm
                (62in x 10in x 10in)

Concertina Book

Mixed media (painting, gold pen).  Cardboard, cloth, acrylic paint, gesso and handmade paper.

Open:       88cm x 19cm
                 (35in x 7.5in)

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