Artists Statement

The work created for the In Your Dreams exhibition explores the concept of dreaming as a journey to places and landscapes imagined and states of mind unfettered by circumstances and practicalities.

Landscapes and Cityscapes merge into the physical form of my mythological dreamer as it becomes the embodiment of the dream itself.

The meaning attributed to places depicted tended to revolve around the continuum of safety and danger, home and exile, and the ever more shifting axis that define other people as similar or strange. I have tentatively explored the way in which outer journey of physical and spatial mobility can function as a metaphor for the dream as interior journey of the soul, the mind or consciousness.

The figurative imagery portrayed in my art is derived from goof-offs and departures from direct observations of life in suburbia; enhanced and embroidered by imaginative exploration of themes of escape and travel.

The artist book format Ive utilized is handmade and one of a kind. This format, which is not suitable for mass production, by its very nature emphasizes the uniqueness and idiosyncratic nature of day-to-day dreaming  .....


Description of Work

ARTIST:                Caitlin Sheedy

TITLE:                   In Your Dreams

MEDIA:                 etching and aquatint on Arches paper 
                            Cover: leather bound box with gold embossed title

SIZE:                    image size: 20 x 20cm                               
                            8 images 168cm long when opened out.

STATEMENT:      Night tide, seek sleep...

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