Artists Statement

What makes us collect? What compels us to pick up objects that catch our eye? (L.Tegart, 2004, P.13)

We collect out of curiosity, but also out of affinity with things that have significance for us, eg: a favourite book, a cherished photograph or perhaps keepsake souvenirs from travel. Whatever it is, theres usually some personal reason.

This new work incorporates found objects with traditional printmaking. The inspiration is drawn from my collection of toys from yesteryear, which to date stands at approximately 1000 items, many of these acquired through garage sales and flea markets for very modest prices. Not all of the toys are complete and some bear the scars of a well-loved childhood whilst others still untouched are pristine in their boxes.

Dreams are conscious or subconscious thoughts inspired by our imagination. Nothing is planned but everything has its place. This print was produced long before the object was found and by chance or luck the gift horse came in green with two legs missing, only in my dreams would such a thing happen.

Description of Work

Artist:       Jonathan Tse

Title:         A Broken Down Dream

Medium:  Screenprint, embossing, drawing and found objects.

Paper:     Magnani Incisioni 310gsm

Dimensions:     Closed 18.5cm x 11.5cm x 7cm (L x W x D)

                           Opened 18.5cm x 23cm   x 7cm (L x W x D)

Year:      2004

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