Artists Statement

My dream is, that many people can realise their dreams and live their vision of being together peacefully. My dream is not finished.

I am dreaming that people are able to help the other people to live their dreams and so to pass on this feeling and this happiness to other people.

Artist's Statement - Deutsch

Dream your Dream                                                

dream, dream, dream                                                                                              

develop visions
mix reality with the phantastic world
the conscious with the subconscious
new ideas will be born

vision, vision, vision

a creative power
shows targets
gives energy
for your life
it’s the oxygen
you need for breathing 


you are a human being
the only creature in the world
who can develop visions
when you have created your vision
follow your track
there a  many tracks
in a large network
find your destiny
reach your goal

Lene Rose Gruner 2005

Dream your Dream                                                

 My four boxes with the title “dreampaths”, are topological  networks , made with conditions of art and mathematics . You can go around them and combine the ambiguous forms anew.

You can set the boxes in a line, vertical or horizontal or in a square. You can turn the frontsites of boxes several times clockwise or against or you can  change the position of the boxes; par example, the first place or the last or so on.

So you can choose between 18432 positions of the four boxes.

If you make one change daily, you can see a new picture every day for 50 years and 170 days.   

The boxes of “dreampaths” have a pecularity. The background and also the four flanks are painted with MAPO-grafics. So there exist the double number of possibilities and you have for  100 years in minimum time to live  36 864 new possibilities in minimum for your visual intelligence and to decide, what will I see, to go your own way in the pictures,  chosen from your character. This is a great challenge for your creative energy.

In the last years, over and over again, the theme dream is the subject in my works.

In the year 2000, the installation  “songs of nightingale – between day and dream was created” . This work, be made of 24 parts of paintings, light appearances and sound  were shown in many exhibitions  with the support of the wildlife-conservation-society of New York. 

2002 the series :” the garden of dreams “was composed in  paintings and poems. Various newspapers,  which  have written about the exhibitions  have chosen for the headline : “how the world was created in the human mind, pictures for the visual intelligence.”

2005 I have start with the series “dreampaths”, likewise  pictures for the active spectator :

“You need time to choose and go to the paths from all the four sides of the topological network .

You need time to go in memory ( time personally),  to decide the ambiguous forms.

You need time to combine the ambiguous forms anew, your mind gives birth to new imaginings,  new meaning of the picture.”  So every new vision is composed.

I have called my interdisciplinary works,  the mixture of  art,  mathematics, the science of the human brain, & science of cognition : MAPO-mathematical poetry.

You find different statements about the special art “MAPO “of  Lene Rose Gruner , written from  historians of art and  mathematicians   in the script, catalog number 7, with the title : “ Fliesen ”, year 2002 , Keramikmuseum Velten, D  - 16727 Velten, Germany,

The german  television Deutsche Welle, SWR, NWR, and filmmakers of the filmakademie Ludwigsburg have  presentation of the art of  Lene Rose Gruner in different films.

Description of Work

Title:           Dream your Dream

Artist:           Lene Rose Gruner

Country:      Germany

Date:            2005


white and black acrylic paint,  painted  with black lines painted in a network with ambiguous forms, outside and inside, and in each case there are papers inserted, also with painted networks.  The box is wooden. 

The 16 pieces of paper - with MAPO pictures, which lie on black felt, can be turned and form the many combinations. Four pieces of paper only are used at one time.  Any four may be selected from the 16 available.

Size:           Artwork: double-box 20 x 20 cm - there are four parts, each  3 cm high

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