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When I was in Munich seeing the In Your Dreams exhibition hung at Amerika Haus, I had a conversation with Karen Cornelius, the Canadian curator for this project and told her how successful a collaborative book had been in a previous international art exhibition I was involved with. 

Karen has encouraged me to consider getting another collaborative book project going with the artists from the In Your Dreams exhibition.  This book is to have an electronic basis, given we all live in three different countries in two different hemispheres of the world. 

The artists are to send an image page, and a text page stating something about their page, and their name and country of origin.  You, the visitor to this website, are asked to participate in this collaboration, by downloading these pages, and assembling them into your own artists' book. 

You are invited to select your papers, and your methods of binding the book together. You could print them yourself on your home computer, or get a printer to print them for you. You could choose to print this in either A4 or A5 format.

When I printed this book out, I used Epson double sided matte paper.  I found it best to print the text side first, and then flip the page, and print the image.  There is a lot of ink on some of the images, and the page was inclined to buckle briefly when wet, making printing the other side a bit difficult. 

This book is our gift to you.  

Helen Sanderson
Australian curator for the In Your Dreams project

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